Risk Warning

Risk Disclosure

The digital asset industry is a new industry with bright prospects, but it has huge risks for the same reason. Especially in leveraged trading, leverage multiples increase profitability and magnifies risks too. Please be sure to fully understand this industry, leverage trading model, trading rules and other related knowledge before trading. And we strongly recommend that you trade within the limits of your own risk.

Position management

At present, the platform provides users with 5、10、20、50、100 times leverage, and users should transfer sufficient margin into the contract account according to changes in market risk in order to prevent burned position.

Position concern

Contract transaction is not like spot transaction because they adopt a margin trading system that not only increases profitability but also the risk of loss. Therefore, users who hold positions should continue to pay attention to changes in market prices and make necessary countermeasures after opening positions. It is not recommended to take no action after opening a position.

Statement:The platform reserves the right to modify the relevant trading rules based on changes in the market or industry. If there are any changes, we will notify you through various channels in advance. However, we do not guarantee that we will be able to notify every user. Therefore, please continue to pay attention to this page or Website announcements to get the latest rules information. In addition, the relevant examples mentioned in this explanation are only for the purpose of making the rules be easy to understand, and the platform cannot guarantee it absolute accurate. As a result, the platform is not liable for any loss.